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Originally Posted by Squiffy View Post
Javelina, if you don't mind not playing online, get a good .lua editor like Notepad++

Edit your F-86.lua to have very little barrel heat. I use 0.001 * 1.0 across those stats.

Then find your shell_table.lua in your weapons folder under scripts/databases or some such... not at home right now. If you want I can email the files to you. PM me if you want. You want the M2_API and APIT round to have 900+ m/s v. Dont' worry about the other v numbers. Also edit your effective range out to 1200+ ... even 2000 is OK. Not sure if this is in F-86 or shell. Then also you want shell lifetime up to 8 or 9. It's way better. Check out real gun camera footage on YouTube.

Thanks! PM sent. (I do have Notepad++ as well)

edit - think I've found it all. but would appreciate looking at your files. thanks!

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Great! I could not attach files to PM. And my sent box goes empty right away. Not sure you got the PMs I sent.

We might want to adjust the barrel heat now that a few updates have come out. The last ones seemed to break my 50s. Now they jam wicked fast at altitude. They come back down low but I need to remember to switch on my gun heat before merge.

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At first I wasn't keen on the F-86F - but lately it's become one of my favourite rides. Just took me a bit to get used to setting up my controls and using the radar gun sight effectively (and it works really well!). I thought the .50s underpowered at first but now I think they are fine and as destructive as I could wish - but I think they have been tweaked recently. The manual for the F-86F is superbly well written and a pleasure to read.
The OP should maybe try the L39 (with excellent 'Kursant' training campaign) and/or C-101 to get an idea of how challenging flying a non-fly-by-wire aircraft is. I hesitate to suggest he try the P51 and/or Spit because taking off/landing them safely and consistently takes quite an effort, unless you have a real-life pilot for a friend to sit with you and talk you up and down (as I did - and he was VERY impressed with the Spit IX flight model). Both aircraft require constant trimming and stick control, and rudder use to avoid slipping in turns.

The MiG-15 I love to fly - easy take-off and landing, but problematic at high speed - the elevator trim does not have enough authority to hold the nose down at high speeds and you have to hold the stick forward to fly level. I have real trouble shooting with it - low velocity cannon rounds, slow roll-rate, and snakey handling at speed - but I hope to learn. I've had trouble with every realistic module at first - especially the non-fly-by-wire planes and helicopters. Realism is challenging.

Nick Grey - who has flown 5 marks of Spitfires amongst many other warbirds in real life says that none of them are hands-off flyers - they all require constant trimming and hands-on - like a helicopter. Pre-fly-by-wire fighter planes have always been designed to be nimble, which requires instability, which means constant pilot control. If you want stable aircraft then stick to fly-by-wire jets or multi-engine bombers.

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