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UK Navalopps

Flying from ships deployed worldwide, the aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm provide the UK with influence over land and sea, and assist in the wide range of roles undertaken by the Royal Navy from disaster relief to landing Royal Marines onto a hostile shore.

UK Navalops
is a virtual combat air group for DCS World. Our main squadrons fly the Razbam Harrier. Each of these squadrons are based on real Naval squadron within the Fleet Air Arm. We have a rank structure in line with the real royal Navy, where pilots can work their way through the ranks and lead their own squadron.

We use a web based flight logging software using VABase. All pilots are to manually file a Pirep after each flight. This can be for both online and offline flights. all Pireps are to be checked and accepted by Squadron Commanders. Pilots aren't tied to one aircraft type. Here at Uk Navalops pilots can fly any aircraft in out fleet and submit a pirep. So if you fancy an offline Huey flight delivering mail to the carrier then thats fine. Here we focus on freedom and enjoyment.Pilots can fly as often as they like although our main missions are Saturday nights.


800 Naval Air Squadron

801 Naval Air Squadron

We currently have 800 NAS & 801 NAS Flying the Razbam Harrier.

Commando Helicopter Force is active but doesnt have dedicated members, however this could change, numbers permitting.

We are looking for experienced Harrier pilots to help with training.

Dont worry if you have no experience because we have an fun training package set up. plus we dont shove people in a training squadron for three months before they get to fly combat missions. new pilots will be assigned a mentor who will help them through it all.

If you are interested then please go to our website
and fill in the short application.
If you need any more info please dont hesitate to contact me by pm on here.
See you in the skies

CO 800th Naval Air Squadron

i7 7700k @4.5Ghz , Asus Prime z270 , 32Gb Corsair DDR4 , palit gtx1080ti ,Crucial M550 512Gb SSD , Crucial M500 480Gb SSD , 3440x1440 34" Super wide LG Flatron , Logitech G920 , Thrustmaster Warthog , Gt Ultimate Cockpit , Trackir 5 , Thrustmaster T500RS , Thrustmaster TH8R Gear stick ,Oculus Rift CV1

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Default Capture Caucasus DynamicHardcore PvP

NEW SERVER: ███ ██ █ Capture Caucasus ██ DynamicHardcore PvP █ ██ ███
Hello m8´s,

im presenting you a new server wich runs a dynamic pvp mission.
You can easy capture or attack an airport by doing a flyby,
no need to get in an helicopter and transport troops..
But take care there will be AntiAir so you need to fly really low or really high.

What else we got->

-You can capture nearly every Airport and spawn there if its captured
-A Stennis for both Sides, Tankers and AWACS
-The possibility to upgrade Air defenses
-NorthWest Airfields are for upgrades only,
you can upgrade your air defenses and call in CAP support
-Get T1 & T2 upgrades and call in ViggenBombing runs & arty strikes
-T3 & T4 are in development....

The Mission Objective for TEAM BLUE
is to capture Anapa-Vityazevo the home base of team RED

The Mission Objective for TEAM RED
is to capture Tbilisi-Lochini the home base of team BLUE

To achieve this Objective you need to do SEED
Anti Air Stations will be at the home bases for both teams and at sochi and kutaisi.
They needs to get destroyed that you can make your way to the enemy home base.


The Server is located in Germany
We also got SRS running.
ServerName: ███ ██ █ Capture Caucasus ██ DynamicHardcore PvP █ ██ ███
Game Server IP:
SRS AutoConnect: ON

Dennis aka BigMongostyler

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Team Speak:
Simple Radio:

LIVE MAP | Complete Mission Briefing | Discord

- Server restarts every 6 hrs & Mission updated often -
Helo Pilots use F10 to select a task @ FARP London.

Hi everyone! The Fraternity Sim is a little project of mine I started in 2018 to contribute and give back to this awesome DCS community. I will use this thread for posting any updates or announcements pertaining to this server. For mission details, please review the briefing.


Server IP :
Join Our Discord :
System: i7 8700K, 32GG Ram @ 3200, 500gb SSD m.2, X56 Pro HOTAS, Rift S VR, 2080 Ti Black
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The Eagles Nest
24hour dedicated server.

SRS (latest) with Auto-connect

Server name: Eagles Nest

PvE, PvP
Dynamic weather
Continuous ops (night ops possible) for 48 hours.

Current Mission: Operation Joint Resolve by Zeagle

Georgia and Iran are threatening to invade Abkhazia. The Russian Federation and NATO are working together to counter the threat. Looking to gain intelligence and experience for its personnel, China and North Korea are providing "advisors" and equipment to Georgia.

Day 1 : The US and Russian fleets arrive on station. A weather system has moved in across the AO with broken clouds and scattered rain. Patrols to probe Georgian defenses or conduct a first strike are in order.

Day 2: At zero +18hours, REDFOR armor will move from Tblisi to Zugdidi and then cross the river into Abkhazia. BLUFOR will counter with armor from Sukhumi. As the sun rises on Day 2, a land battle ensues with REDFOR armor being supported by CAS aircraft.

All are welcome.
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Name:	Screen_190609_161657.png
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ID:	211760  

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Oceanic Combat Group [OCG]
"Through the Inferno"

Australian Official Server

SRS: Auto-Connect for all Servers

Discord & Applications:

Website: (under construction)


Server 1 Caucasus (Random Seasons & Times)

Server 2: Persian Gulf (Random Seasons & Times)

Server 1: TTI Caucasus
Server 2: TTI Persian Gulf
Server 3: OCG Training
Server 4: OCG Event & Testing

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Beginning to become frustrated and disheartened. At the moment, the only aircraft that I have access to (that I have any interest in flying) is the A-4C Skyhawk...probably my all time favorite aircraft. Sadly, I can only find 2 servers on the list that allow the aircraft at all (DangerDogs and DCS Isreal), and they are both password protected...i.e. invite only.
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Send a message via ICQ to P61

Something usual but with design that wasn't done before in DCS servers.

Simple Team Death Match scenario servers are online.

Currently BVR and WW2 servers are up.

Server is aimed at giving you quick team death match action in DCS. Good for Air to Air fight training or clan wars etc.

Server is paused until at least one player will take slot on each side.
After at least one player joined on each side, other players have one minute to choose their slots on any side.
After that minute is passed match will start and all slots will be locked until win or draw situation will happen.

Match will reset if one of the teams will be completely destroyed.

Currently maximum match time is set to 20 minutes, if one of the teams will not be completely destroyed then match will be forced to draw, server will pause again and new players join cycle will begin.

We are ready to listen for the feedback and put more of the same servers but with different settings, for instance with allowed spectators or labels.

BVR server has AWACS available on each side.
WW2 server currently has labels in DOT ONLY setting.

Servers data:

Server name: Quick BVR TEAM DEATH MATCH server by strategic MP initiative, IP address:, Port: 10308

Server name: Quick WW2 TEAM DEATH MATCH server by strategic MP initiative, IP address:, Port: 10309
AKA LazzySeal
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