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This is it!!!

This morning, I practiced a few traps with a different approach and got very satisfying results.

I lamented in a previous reply that I felt like I was looking at the instruments too much... Turns out I was.

I reflected, that a Case I landing would be done in good visual conditions only. Therefore it is not a situation that lends itself foremost to instruments flying, like in a Case II or Case III.

I felt like I needed to use more my trusty EB mk1 to get a visual and mental picture of where thing are and where I am around the carrier.

Using this different viewpoint, I began using more and more my instincts for flying instead of focusing on the VVI needle too much. I found myself rarely looking at the instruments, except for a few very brief glances to confirm that what I was 'seeing' around me was validated by my instruments.

On my last pass, I came in too high and fast but had good separation and bearing.

I never looked at the doughnut or the AOA, I just 'felt' it.
I glanced once on the HSI to confirm I was near glidescope (little high) around 4/5th turn and the proceeded to focus on the ball like a laser.

Must had been a little harsh but Jester didn't complain, I catched wire 3 and had perfect groove time!

Call it 'unlearning', or 'using the force'. Anybody else had this experience?

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Dino Might
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I've had the exact opposite experience. Using Brinkler's Case I mission to score all parts of the pattern, I'm more in the instruments than I am outside the cockpit up until the turn into the groove. Then it's Ball, Lineup, AoA indexer, over and over until I catch a wire.
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Excuse me where can I get this PDF?I really hope to get some knowledge of the landing of Tomcat, I feel it is much harder than Hornet
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Well, after around 50 landings I did it.

Ball & AoA and fuel flow.

raaaaaahh, made my day Progress are coming slowly but it is very rewarding.

Then back to my 1-wire subscription -_-

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64 flight hours in the Tomcat and 261 landings...

I still cannot get a handle on this thing!

Sure, I can land it...but it is a struggle every time. I cannot get the hang of getting trimmed up and on speed. It all falls apart starting with the break as I continue to be inconsistent with turn radius and altitude control. On the downwind, it is a constant fight to control altitude, pitch, trim, AoA, and get on speed. I am like a bucking bronco out there...speed, pitch, trim, altitude...they are all over the place as I struggle to reach stability (which I rarely, if ever, truly reach...). I typically extend my upwind to 3 nm, but sometimes that isn't enough for me to get setup by the approach turn. I find the Tomcat does not like to be in the landing configuration, it does not seem to be a natural state for it. Configuring for landing, it gets really nose heavy...speed brakes, gear, flaps, and then DLC all cause the nose to pitch down...it really wants to fall out of the sky at that point and I find a need for significant aft stick input and then an incredible yet undeterminable amount of trim. I was hoping things would finally begin to click for me by now, but every time I think I am getting better, I am really not. I got the upwind leg, and the last 3/4 mile down, it's everything in between that is killing me!

I am eagerly awaiting the next revision to the landing tips paper as I continue to practice.
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Originally Posted by Togg View Post

Well, after around 50 landings I did it.

Ball & AoA and fuel flow.

raaaaaahh, made my day Progress are coming slowly but it is very rewarding.

Then back to my 1-wire subscription -_-
I've had a few accidental 3s. But a lot of 4s and 1s, with the occasional 2 sprinkled in for grins. I need to work on line-up in the worst way, because it's affecting everything else on the final approach.
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ive finally got a downwind that sort of makes sense. the timing of arresting the deccel is what was messing me up and i was getting very slow. now, to see the ball in VR....
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"Here is the Case I Landing Tips Paper Part Deux. "

Hey, where?
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Stupid question, but I'd love to download this PDF, but I can't see a link in the post where to download it. How do I download it? FYI I'm logged in to the forums. As carrier landings are incredibly difficult for me so I'd love to get my mitts on it. And thank you for the creator of the document.
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It's down for some edits and has been for awhile.

I feel like since the trim system was tweaked a patch or so ago, life got harder trapping. So I'm doing less trapping and more land based stuff on multiplayer. I don't want to repeat the training scars I still have from the early Hornet patches when it comes to carrier recoveries.
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