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Originally Posted by razo+r View Post
Any wind in the mission?
(steady) wind has absolutey zero effect on an airplane in flight. The only things that are affected are ground speed and track over ground.
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Originally Posted by razo+r View Post
They are labeled like that, but there's no real space in the wings for some fuel, so yeah...
They are labeled like that because of the engine they feed.

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Solved it, it was a trim problem.
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Originally Posted by cronustr75 View Post
Hi there,

I'm using X-52 Pro as HOTAS. At navigation mission, I found that the F5E keeps rolling to right, I have to keep pressure to the left slightly.

I looked at the control axis and found center is a bit right. Exit the mission, exit the module restarted but it was same. Keeps rolling. Checked the cables etc.

It is normal at other modules.

What is the problem?
clear category to ALL and AXIS COMMANDS to the F-5E module.


Restart system

Boot DCS

Remap ALL and AXIS COMMANDS controls to F-5E module again. Report if this solved your "rolling" tendency

from the looks of it, sounds like you have duplicate controls.

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Originally Posted by QuiGon View Post
They're front and after? Oh well, I always thought they're left and right.
They are labelled that way because they feed the left and right engines.

Physically they are forward (pipes feed the left engine) and aft (pipes feed the right engine) of each other and a fuel imbalance effects the CoG/pitch (not roll).

Note: Cross feed allows either tank to feed both engines to adjust balance but can't transfer fuel between tanks.
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