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I have tried Miles' Device in vr and its pretty nice. I am looking forward t the finished product. Quite intuitive and small too.

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Something I would definitely be interested in.

If you can ship to the UK..."I'm in!"

Good luck with the development.
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I`m curious for more infos on your device to come.
One question. Is it possible to use rotary knobs with the device? Like: pointing the cursor with your finger to the rotary knob in the cockpit, then pressing one of the three buttons on the device, holding it pressed and then moving your finger/hand slightly in one direction to move/rotate the rotary knob.
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That’s a good question.
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Yes, I am interested... I like the ideas that someone who uses DCS is making this. I Would support this product because of that. The price point looks reasonable too. Count me in as a beta tester as I fly DCS every day!

Keep us posted.
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Hi miles, this is definitely very interesting but it looks pretty similar to the captogloves.
For what I know the problems with the gloves are
1. no 3D positional tracking (only rotation).
2. no representation of your hand in the game.
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Hey Guys,
All great questions,

@ Ram0506
Your explanation is exactly how it works. Interactions with rotary knobs are identical to the mouse. A nice unintended feature is that in addition to moving the mouse away from the rotary knob with the mouse button held to rotate it, you can also just press one of the side mounted pushbuttons and rotate your hand left to make the dial rotate left and rotate your hand right to make it rotate right. I only became aware of this feature when I was watching a friend test it, and I asked him why was he was rotating his finger. He said, ”I'm turning the dials,” I said, “It doesn't work that way,” and he said, “Well, I'm turning the dials." Confused, I then watched him continue to change radio frequencies in this manner. I then realized that the IRLED on top of finger device was following an arc as he rotated his hand. This same intuitive rotation of the knob is seen by DCS as moving the mouse away from the knob, therefore rotating the knob. I know that was a long explanation, I should have just said, “Why yes, I designed it so you can rotate your hand to turn knobs.”

@ Icebeat
I don’t have Captogloves, but they appear to be a really great product with a much larger, and varied market than PointCTRL. I personally just don’t feel the current features are compatible with most flight sim requirements. As you referenced, their ability to measure X,Y rotational axis through gyroscopes and accelerometers, and not relative or absolute positional hand tracking, affects their functionality in a cockpit environment.
PointCTRL has different design requirements which only focus on flight simulator cockpit interaction and functionality. The major difference between PointCTRL and CaptoGloves is hand tracking. PointCTRL has a micro camera that mounts to the HMD to track your index fingers 2D location relative to the direction of the HMD. Another difference is PointCTRL does not track your finger digits relative to your hand as CaptoGlove does. Early versions of PointCTRL utilized a gyro and accelerometers to measure finger movement. Even though you would flick your finger as you would a real switch to activate it, it just felt unnatural. I then moved on to a small touchpad alongside your finger. This was better, but still felt disconnected. Finally, I implemented my original thoughts to use tactile pushbuttons with a low operating force. I immediately knew this was what I was looking for. Using real pushbuttons allow you to easily identify them, and provide a tactile feedback concurrent with the switch or knob movement on the screen. If I only went with my original design I would have saved a month in development time. PointCTRL only has 2d positional tracking not 3d. Since we are emulating the currently implemented mouse cursor in any game, 3d is not required. All of PointCTRLs operational programming and processing is done on its own microcontrollers (4 of them). You just plug it in and it shows up as PointCTRL in the device manager and is recognized as a HID mouse. It works without any additional software running or sim developer implementation. PointCTRL also does not show your hands on the screen, it only shows the mouse curser that is in the game. Okay, less talk, more work for me.

Thanks for the questions,


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Very interesting indeed

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You've got my full attention, Miles.
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Miles Incase you didn’t understand I’m a potential client
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vr clickable cockpit, vr controller, vr gloves, vr mouse, vr tracking

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