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Post 476TTP 3-3.A10 Combat Aircraft Fundamentals - Public Release


I am pleased to announce on behalf of the 476th that our A-10C combat employment tactics, techniques, and procedures manual is now available to the whole DCS community.

The 3-3 contains both procedures and combat employment techniques, as well as basic tactical employment for the A-10C. It is based on real world techniques, however it is entirely written with DCS in mind, so if it's in the 3-3 then in works in the sim.

The 3-3 contains over 260 pages of material and covers many subjects including basic mission preparation, formation flight, air to air employment, and of course air to surface employment.

While some of the contents are specific TTPs employed by the 476th, and much of it can only be used in the multiplayer environment we hope that the availability of this manual will provide some of the how and why not covered in the DCS A-10C manual. The 3-3 is not directive in nature, and is purely intended as a guide on how to accomplish certain tasks.

It is still a live, in work, document so there are a few figures still to be drawn, and some sections are to be added/enhanced as time goes on but we feel that it is now is a state where it can be of benefit to the DCS community.

Download Link

And for info, Dojo intends to do a few Q&A sessions regarding the 3-3.A10, the material within and its intended use in his podcast sometime in the near future.
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Oh thank you Eddie. Good as usual.

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Thank you very much.
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Can a mod please make this a sticky?
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It looks good. I'll definitely print this up and read through it.
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Thanks for this!
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Thanks guys! Will be most useful!
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Very useful, thanks guys
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Outstanding. Thank you Eddie and the 476th!
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Thanks so much Eddie and the rest of the 476th vFG for making this. Now I know what the next few weeks will be occupied with

Bloody hell. I can't rep any of you guys :-( 'mush spread some around'


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476th podcast, a-10c, guide, tactics, ttp

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