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Default TGP camera dont move

Hello everyone! After the last patch I can no longer control the TGP camera movement with the RDR CURSOR commands after selecting the SOI. The TGP is activated and I can change the type of camera (TV or FLIR) but I really can't move the TGP head!!! Help please!
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Steve Gee
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Same for me, until I select CCRP. Then, it slews to the nav point and can be moved around. No idea if it's supposed to move in CCIP or not, but it doesn't now.
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In CCIP the camera looks at the predicted impact point and isnt slewable. You have to put the selected bomb into CCRP.
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By selecting CCIP with TGP, you are telling the MMC to use the TGP to calculate the impact point. So the MMC should moves the TGP to the CCIP aim point. If the TGP is tracking a target and CCIP is selected, the TGP should also break tracking.
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