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Indeed, the OP is a cool story, as is the one about the pro-level simulator. I probably will never get a RL helicopter experience, but maybe a pro-level simulator... in which case it would be cool if the modicum of realism afforded by DCS helps get a bit more out of the experience.

Incidentally, after a lot of agonising, research, and saving(!), I also got a PFT-Puma. I cannot describe how much of a game changer this was. Curiously, I find flying a fixed-wing with the PFT-Puma rather tricky. Which doubles the realisation of how hard it is to learn a helicopter on a regular joystick-and-rudder-pedals... no matter how good they are.

Like any DCS module, it will never be "perfect" (whatever that means). But the fact it is starting to resemble reality is such a big step and I find it quite inspiring.
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Originally Posted by Fri13 View Post
Having extension on stick and wide axis it makes it such behavior that you can just fly it with two fingers without any problems in stability. It really does work like "just think and don't do it, and it does it".
I don't have too much problem with the Huey on takeoff / hover, but mine does seem to dutch roll continuously in flight ( you can visibly see the nose drawing circles ) which is conspicuously missing from that cockpit vid - so I think I do agree there's some sort of stability issue.
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