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so yeah seems F15E is basically like the F/A18D or F/A18F in that regard. the Front seater ( pilot) can basically do everything, should hypothetically the WSO not be present at all, operate the aircraft as if it were single seater.

So Its just a matter of sharing/dividing tasks among 2 people to reduce workload.



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Originally Posted by SDsc0rch View Post
yeah that's what i have serious doubts about

HOW could another company accurately reproduce the FC3's excellent FM??
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I for one am looking forward to more 4th gen fighters and multi-roll aircraft. This will be a nice addition.
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I don't know man I just want a full fidelity, twin engine, big dick, fly to the edge of space at the speed of light, F-15. That, and better VR performance. A man can dream you know?
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F-15E love bump
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Dreaming of the F-15E / F-14D / Rhino
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God... I just love it...

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This is my most anticipated aircraft in DCS. Any news on this project?
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Originally Posted by Rabbisaur View Post
This is my most anticipated aircraft in DCS. Any news on this project?
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Originally Posted by shagrat View Post
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Originally Posted by Blaze1 View Post
The following video is footage from the F-16's and F-15E's AN/AAQ-28(V) LITENING targeting pod.
At 2:07 you can also see side by side recordings of the APG-70 Air-to-Air radar mode and air-to-air TGP mode, the latter of which isn't available in the unclassified -34.

Tried cleaning it up alittle. Not much to make out in the air to ground mode. But it looks like he's in a DBS mode with the screen set to "Frozen". It also looks like he has Data-link tracks in air to ground mode.

Compared to another video showing what looks like a SAR mode:

(from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tboKj6ndnc at ~32 minutes)


Also cleaned up the air to air mode

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