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Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
@Damcopter : Just drop me a personal message and we can discuss certain aspects. We can also share our real names that way and if it is ok for you I would forward the information to the commander of Le Luc, who invited us already to see the base and the flightschool for a day or 2. I am open to any professional discussion and would send the information gatherred in a private discussion forward to a buddy of mine who flys the Gazelle for the french special forces.
So this 'promising' consultation and investigation into the correct aircraft performance between yourself and Damcopter happened a year ago now - did these improvements/refinements in the FM ever eventuate, or was it all just hot air? Actions speak louder than words.
Did your 'buddy who flies for the special forces' assist with FM refinements?
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There is no need for such a tone in your messages, we're always open for discussion. I understand your sentiment though as it takes a long time. We're in contact with 2 SME's other than Damcopter in order to prepare for a flightmodel update. I'm repeating myself but I want to be clear on this; Polychop is a small team and we're working on a new module, with different approaches to flightmodel coding, graphics etc. This new module will pave the way for Gazelle updates. In the mean time any Gazelle updates will be critical bugfixes, which we're working on as well.
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