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Thanks for what you do. I do hope you can bring this out at some point. It’s different, and that’s cool. But I do understand these things take time, a lot of time.
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I really wish Decoy and Prowler would be on the same page.

One says it's not in active development, the other says it is.
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Everybody : is the tucano in active development or not?
Razbam: yes
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NO coders are working on it

The modeler is still working on the model, sorry i missed of the SC

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Originally Posted by joanvalley View Post
I apreciate the patience, the interest and believe me, I love this amazing turboprop very much. There are significant things to consider when building this module and those sometimes take time, a lot of time, but also, there are other modules that deserve our immediate attention in order for you to enjoy that already are out there. I'm working at a pace that will allow other amazing work to be done before we can put our efforts into this one. The M2000 being one of them, it's getting better and better as time goes by, and that same magic will find its way into this one. I enjoy building a tidbit day by day knowing it is accurate and properly placed. Thank you, thank you very much for your patience and interest.

Jose Valdez.
A29 3D modeler.
Thank you very much Valdez, keep on rockin and let us peek at when you think there´s anything worth showing!
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