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Default Logitech Extreme 3D vs Thrustmaster Warthog Throttles

I know this is going to sound counter to a lot of thinking.....but here goes.

It seems to me that I have to go all in on BOTH the Warthog throttle, stick and some rudder pedals or stay with a single input stick.

I'm using the Logitech Extreme 3D. Using the 6 buttons on the base, the POV switch can be the A-10C target pod slew, trim, Tgt Management, Data Management Switch. The buttons on the top become the China, Boat, speed brake, Coolie Hat, etc.

If I get JUST the warthog throttle then I loose the ability to use those modifiers. I'd have to take my hand off the throttle to use the joystick modifiers or use the TM Warthog switches as modifiers....which defeats the purpose.

With the 3D extreme for (it's been as low as $20) I get everything I need. It's accurate enough that I can land with it and do some formation flying....but can in no way refuel.....and I'm not really sure the TM Warthog will help there....I heard it's VR that I really need to refuel well.

Any of the switches on the base of the TM Warthog I can just click using Track IR, use keyboard (flaps) or Voice Attack.

Plus there's not twist for rudder.....so I'd need to get rudder pedals too!

Bottom line I think I'd rather spend my $ on a better video card to up the quality on my 3 displays.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated. Thanks.
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