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Default A Real-Time naval combat Module plan?

Hey everyone! Glad to see a new AI Unit Arleigh Burke Class Missile Destroyer, it will make DCS World have a more realistic naval operation circumstance.

For this one, it will be great if a Real-Time naval combat Module coming for DCS World. As a player of Jane's Fleet Command, I'm willing to have a module to take command a ship group in DCS World!

I know ED has built a CA module which can be played as a RTS game, but CA module is emphasizes ground engagements not naval operations(I'm sorry for having no interests on Army and ground combats), so I wanna get a naval combat module for DCS world.

Dose ED have any intention for such a module?
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People will correct me if I am wrong, but I thought years and years ago Eagle had mentioned something along these lines. Specifically naval combat. Now I know things have changed as well as road maps, but I am with you on this one.

Heatblur and Razbam are doing a great job bringing higher fidelity Naval modules to the game. I think in time it would be a positive move to maybe introduce fleet tactics and ship control of some sort. The technology and desire for combat game play is there and continuing to grow, so maybe someday? Bridge command, fire control, subsurface warfare, ect. It would open more doors to the aviation side for sure. A PT boat module would be awesome.

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