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Default missing from changelog

Hi all, I forgot to add these to this weeks changelog

DCS Mirage 2000c by RAZBAM
Corrected some cockpit sounds to properly go through headset source

Fixed fuel not being removed during refuel if aircraft cold
Fixed landing gear logic and status when gear is damaged
Added ability for small stick movement to adjust AFC trim
Corrected full battery depleting within 3 minutes, now operates nominally for 30 minutes
Added fast spooldown sound (work-in-progress)
Brake pressure applied indicator corrected logic
Minor correction to effective location of RCS thrusters
Corrected engine accel times to align with checklist requirements
Corrected display of some elements in engine display
Corrected engine display stabilator position now shows tenths unit
Added engine igniter sound
CAUTION, CAUTION auditory tone sounded sometimes even after cautions had been acknowledged

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