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No 95 17.56%
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+1 for CH-53
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I would buy even the DCS-desk fan, but I hardly ever fly even the Mi-8.

Is there is going to be a new transport helicopter, it would really need to have some nice and fun functionality. Laying mines or something.
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Chinook or Puma would be great!

With the new models for sling loads and CTLD you could do a lot.

My preference would be Chinook then Puma.

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Yes, of course, but only if they're flyable!
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I haven't read through all seven pages of responses yet, I will just add my two cents here. The CH-46 frog and the CH-53 would be great. The frog above and beyond the CH-53 for two simple resasons: 1) We don't have any form of frog in the Sim at this point in time, we do have an Ai -53. 2) Not only would the frog be a natural fit on the deck of an LHA or LHD, but it is the primary Vertrep platform for ship to ship transfers.

Speaking of LHD, it is my opinion that RAZBAM should do a Wasp class, instead of a Tarawa Class. The reason being, Markindel just released a really nice LHA-1. We already have a LHA in sim.

It would be really nice to have a Phrog model to go do insertions with similar positions as the BST Huey, Door gunners, pilot, and co-pilot.

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I would like to see the stallion over any other .. that way the west has a large helio
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The Puma Pirate with 30mm gun multi crew would be very nice to play
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Chinook all the way.
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A CH-46 to go with the Viggen would be nice.
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Yes without a doubt for me! DCS needs more choppers and i think that people is getting more interested in them too since they offer those unique qualities planes do not have
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