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I would love an AH-1Z if not an AH-1W, then a Venom if not a CH53 if not a Ch47. zero interest in the puma
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As others have said, if we get proper troop transport, sling loading etc. I would be all in for bigger dedicated cargo helicopters.
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Originally Posted by ObiWanVA10 View Post

Are we married to the same woman????????
I know we feel the same about Rotary Aviation.......
Our wife... because I think mine is the same too, is a fascist! Let's pack her!
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If you go to 16agr server you will find some sling loads that can only be lifted by the MI-8.

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Coyote Duster
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ch-53 would be nice with carrier ops
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I say no to these helicopters. I feel they have no real purpose in DCS because the ground AI is not fleshed out very well. Personally, I'd rather see your excellent development skills go towards aircraft like the Mi-24, Mi-28, AH-1 or the AH-64 (if there is a god on that last one.) If this were Prepar3d or Flight Sim I'd say sure, because those games are more about flying. DCS is about fighting.
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I say yes... I would say if your leading down the LHA/LHD look to the marine air wing makeups with AH-1s osprey chinook uh series ie venom and b/hawk.
units that are useful to missions in dcs... SnR/ground support/logistics/
would be great to have that fully immersive group.
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For me it all boils down to game play in the end.
I'd vote yes if you can manage to find interesting, entertaining and challenging tasks for it to do in DCS. Tasks that can make it fun to play in multiplayer situations as well.

Yes, if it's mission can be replicated in a good manner.
No, if you can't replicate it in a satisfying manner in DCS (yet).

It's also one of those "I probably would not buy, but I'd love to fly with others that have"
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Virtual USMC, CH-46 and CH-53 bring it

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for me the Chinook and puma, brings back memories of being picked up after a long wet patrol
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