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Let’s go with Middle Earth. I always wanted to strafe the shire in a Huey. No but really, I love Lord of the Rings. Hobbit extracts or maybe picking up hot Elves from Rivendale.
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I just dont see any point in a fictional map. The same time, money, and resources could be dedicated to a real world map. It's not like a fictional map would take less time and cost less.
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No on the fictional maps
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Depends. If it was a good map, possibly though I'd want several historical maps checked off first: 2003 and 1991 Iraq, MiG Alley, Vietnam, Midway, Iwo Jima...
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Originally Posted by [Maverick] View Post

Give me DCS: Gulf War One so I can live the rest of my life a happy man!
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I think some people get the wrong idea..

A Fictional map would be a piece of desert, tundra, jungle, (insert desired terrain here) with towns, roads, bases and generic features like rivers, cosat or whatever, not neceserily depicting a specific place, so many palces can be simulates.

It is faster and cheaper because you don not have to create any specific landmark, building or special ground object, you can use the ones allready in game.

Also you don´t need to use DEM´s or accurate hight files.

I believe it would be awesom if ED could give us basic tools to create generic maps, without having to have an uber team with proven skills...

I am willing to spend countless hours placing objetcs, bases, roads and features. I just cant put toguether a team nor have enaough knoledge on 3d studio to create my own specific objects, to comply with EDs requirements to qualifie as a developer to get the SDKs.

I am sure that like me there are meny more pople out there willing to create generic maps, and stuff, that do not compeate with real places full fledge maps sold as modules... still we could have a lot more playing places if Map Modding was encouraged.

Just a thought tho.

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Problem with post title was the name "fictional", the word he should have used was GENERIC, as Baco explained above.
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