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Default I pooped a brick!

Just downloaded 2.5, came home to test it and found my throttle had bricked! Nooooooooo! The lights had died.

This after just reading the 'help my throttle bricked thread' only a day or two ago and thinking god I hope that never happens to me. I reasoned that there could only be some sort of connection between my mind and a nefarious 'other' reality in which thinking bad things could actually make them happen.

Went into DCS and found that not only my throttle but every controller I have was not working! This though gave me hope! I vaguely recalled when I bought my HOTAS and pedals having to download something, though why installing DCS 2.5 had uninstalled my controllers I couldn't imagine (I guess to make things work better controller wise).

I've just bought a new computer (perfectly timed) though for some reason when I got it home all my peripherals were plug and play and I didn't need to download any of the drivers!

Well I just downloaded them and everything is working fine now, or at least the beautiful green lights are on and DCS now registers my controllers!

But god that was scary, imagine having to play the new DCS 2.5 in VR but on a keyboard! Too horrifying to contemplate a new throttle would have taken weeks to fix or replace at great time and expense.

Reminds me how I hate having to buy things like this online, there should be a warthog repair depot on every street corner, to stop what didn't actually happen to me (yet) from ever occurring again... phew!

Anyone else had any similarly terrifying moments? Going to go and have a lie down now!
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My yaw and first stage trigger died on my 3-4 year old Saitek X52 Pro a few weeks ago

I tried fixing it but I can't tell what the problem is on the hardware side - I got it working for about an hour and then they died on me again...

I can't afford a better joystick - I'm tempted not to get another X52 Pro but it seems it's the cheapest one out there with a dual stage trigger.

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