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Best SP Experience(s): Any time I figure out something new in the Mission Editor and actually get the AI to do my bidding!

Best MP Experience: Probably the time I managed to trash an entire Red Side Listening Post on Constant Conflict in an A-10C and then plinking a couple of vehicles and avoiding enemy fighters on egress by staying down in the weeds.
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SEAD ops in a Su-25T, getting chased by an Su-27 who had expended his missiles trying to get me (I was about 10ft AGL and 1100kmh weaving through streets and trees). He stopped shooting, I couldn't see him, thought he gave up and leveled out. I glanced right a few seconds later and he was in formation off my right wingtip, just a couple meters away looking at me. I panicked and jerked the stick too hard snapping my wing off (25 will roll or pull, but not both so suddenly).

I also once pulled a hammerhead on a Sukhoi under similar circumstances another time, but I was a bit calmer and got him with the 73s when we came out of it.
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MP: Flying combat missions with my wingmates in a totally human controlled scenario.

SP: Learning to fly the KA 50 and Mi8.

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Multiplayer - I once got to 21-0 on the 104th server flying solo one evening after a day at the office. I've gotten to 10-15 kills with 0 losses many times, but I remember the anticipation and nerves building steadily as the kills kept racking up. I flew extremely aggressively all night and I got out of a lot of situations I shouldn't have, and it was a TON of fun.

I also remember a lot of my early sorties online in MP when I first found DCS. I wasn't very good, or good at all really, but some of those times I can remember vividly like they were yesterday.

Solo: Never had a single memorable moment flying single player. I find it to be brutally boring for the most part, except to learn new tasks via repetition (landings, AAR, etc)
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