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Default 1st Mission Fortress Mazdok problem

My wingmen goes to bingo fuel sometime before 3rd waypoint and 50 km from Mazdok he eject while I have plenty left.

Fix the wingman fuel.
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The issue is that wingmen have very poor fuel management which in turn comes from poor throttle management. Wingmen will quite happily hit maximum afterburner for as long as it takes them to catch up to wherever you are. This is especially prevalent during takeoff if you're in charge of a 4-ship: if you take off and immediately head for the 1st waypoint your 3rd and 4th wingmen will burn through a LOT of fuel catching up to you. Something that I find helps a bit is to circle the airfield until your entire flight has taken off.

It's now possible to restrict AB use by the AI using the mission editor but older campaign missions won't have used this feature so you have to be very careful with them unfortunately.

Edited: added a few bits for clarity.
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