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Default [FIXED INTERNALLY] All datalink contacts appear as friendly

Since todays open beta update all datalink contacts appear as friendly.

When locked correct identification is shown but lost again upon target unlock.
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Same problem.
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Same problem. If don't use AWACS it's look fine, hostiles as hostiles. But with AWACS hostiles are like a friendly.

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This is should get hotfix ASAP IMO. I don't want to wait til next 2 weeks to get it fixed tbh.
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Same problem
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Default Datalink broken even worse

Before everything showed up as hostile, but if you IFF you'd get the green circle.

Now, everything is friendly. You IFF, it stays green.

It appears I must soft lock everything now and *then* IFF.

Basically your patch made it worse
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Can confirm. Reproducable after about 5 minutes of flying...
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Saw this on hoggit, it may help you all out:
The bug is that SURV (E3 or E2) is contributing all targets as friendlies. Vipers and Hornets are contributing targets with the correct ID.
There's 2 ways to get around it:
  • In the HSD CNTL page, you can toggle SURV off. This means that you will only get targets from other Vipers and Hornets, however they will be the correct hostile/friendly ID.
  • If you want to preserve SURV contributions, all that's necessary to see who is a friendly and who isn't is to IFF interrogate with TMS left. Friendlies will show the correct response, hostiles will not.
In a way, this should in theory actually reduce tk, since until the fix rolls out everything is a friendly by default until confirmed hostile.
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