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Also ... best launch trailer. EVER!
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Originally Posted by Cobra847 View Post

We launch today. Thank you to everyone for your support. We truly hope you enjoy the F-14 today, and we'll be standing by to work hard in order to make this the best F-14 you could ever have hoped for.

We are humbled by your excitement and support,


Congratulations Heatblur.
Long way coming with so much hardwork and dedication.
I certainly wish you guys a successful launch on this epic iteration of the F-14 Tomcat in flight sim. First of it kind in design and features.

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Originally Posted by AndrewW View Post
16 hours into the 13th here ... just saying.

My "check for updates" button is almost worn out
It’s still yesterday here.
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This is like legit too good to be true.
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Wow - that was epic.
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Default Friggin Hollywood saving a buck

SHIT! i told them not to make that movie on the west coast
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I hate waiting)
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Nice vid with the official TG soundtrack used. I'm dribbling all over the keyboard.
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Wow, that was awesome!!! Happy Tomcat Day everyone!

Congratulations and thank you Heatblur!

This will be the greatest day in flightsim history!!
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Congratulations, Heatblur =)
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