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Originally Posted by joey45 View Post
Since the Jag had no auto pilot.. as in none at all. it'll be a all hands on flying.
TBH Joey, we rarely used autopilot on the fin...only when we had to for Auto terrain following. However, It was a personal preference so I can’t speak for the harrier boys with their basic autopilot or for other tornado pilots. Even in high level transit, I mostly flew the jet.

Jag would be great to have in DCS.....I’ve always loved the jag and never got the chance to fly it except a few back seat rides in the T-bird.... I think I would prefer it in DCS to tornado to try something new... that’s what I like about DCS, I get to fly a close approximation of loads of jets that I never got to fly in my mil career.
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Originally Posted by Holbeach View Post
She certainly has, great looking legs.

I was about to comment on how long they were.
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I like the twin boom-tailed planes. Weird taste I guess. I would recommend the following:

1. De Havilland Vampire
2. De Havilland Sea Vixen

I really hope they make the Vampire, the Goblin engine was well renowned for it's ease of use and simplicity.
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