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Originally Posted by Voodoo_One View Post
I see interesting fights coming to the air near you - L39, C101 and Pucas against each others. Should be the most comparable fights I think? (I dont know anything about the Puca, just saw the wikipedi aarticle - But the trainers could be the best enemy they can get in our world besides WW2 planes)
I'd also not heard of the Pukara aircraft until now. Just looked it up and it seems to have similar performance to an old Ju 88 A-4 bomber, but with only half the bomb load and only a quarter of the range. It probably would not fare very well even against the WW2 aircraft in DCS.

The design though reminds me a bit of the Focke-Wulf FW 187 from the late 1930s.

Apparently a Pukara was shot down by small arms fire during the Falklands War.
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Razbam has said on their discord that CH-53 3D mesh is ready to be put into DCS
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The Pucara was certainly deployed by Argentina in the Falklands but my assumption would have been — because it’s flown by a crew and otherwise off the beaten track for DCS platforms — that it is being created as a non-flyable AI aircraft for that theatre. Do we know if this is definitely not the case?

Edit: Just saw that they have announced the Pucara so, well, never mind!

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