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A-7 was always a favorite for me, a very different take on what makes a good frontline attack aircraft. Faster than the A-10, but not as fast or relatively fragile as the Su-17. It will make a fine compliment to the F-4E and F-14
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Have there been any updates relating to the RAZBAM A7 for DCS? i.e. timeline, rerlease dates, etc
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As far as I've read it's a "we'd ike to do it" plane. I wouldn't call it confirmed considering how far back in the production cycle it likely is and the fact that plans change. Before the A-7 is the mig-23, F-15E, the super tucano, Harrier variants, Falklands, and Falklands assets like a mirage 3 and maybe a flyable super entendard. So beyond those solid confirmations they may surprise us, but it's not subject to useful speculation yet. Just for fun speculation is fine though
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In a perfect world, I'd like to see them release both the A-7A and the A-7E. Does anyone know which type/model/series will be coming?
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So it's been over a year, any news yet?
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It says in the original post that the earliest it would be coming was after the M-IIICJ which itself has had no news in quite a while. The aircraft isn't even listed in the roadmap for the short to mid term so if this aircraft is still on the cards I would expect to wait several more years yet, that is of course assuming its still in development.

Honestly I would expect to see a couple of aircraft related to the Falklands conflict to go along with the map Razbam are making (not to mention the F-15E and Supertacano) before this project gains any real traction.
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