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Originally Posted by Bradader View Post
You made 2 PS5 threads is this because you'd need two PS5s to run DCS?
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Originally Posted by Frostie View Post
You made 2 PS5 threads is this because you'd need two PS5s to run DCS?
Poor dcs optimisation i think more fps
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Blasphemy !!! )
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Originally Posted by BeastyBaiter View Post
If the PS5 has keyboard support, then sure, it could be done. But I can't see how it would be profitable to port it over. The console market is not known for its embrace of simulator type games in general (flying, racing or more realistic shooters such as ArmA).
Given that the PS4 has had keyboard support, not to mention support for any other USB compliant input device (if the game developer supported it) since launch that seems like a safe bet.

Was Gran Turismo not one of the premiere racing sims for a long time?

A MAC port could prove very fruitful. A lot of console owners are also PC owners.

PS plus members get free game trials monthly. A free month of MAC on PS could very well lead to a large influx of new full fidelity DCS players or at least paying MAC on console players.
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Originally Posted by Dehuman View Post
Was Gran Turismo not one of the premiere racing sims for a long time?

No, Gran Turismo has never been a sim (maybe its last iteration it's a bit closer to that word...), PC had always the true sim racers, from GTR, F1 Challenge, Live for Speed, NASCAR papyrus series, rFactor,...)

So, as for the question I hope not. It doesn't matter that PS4/5 supports keyboard, DCS with a keyboard it's unplayable (even if I have managed to land with keyboard).

DCS would move away from true sim coming to PS IMO.
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DCS, maybe not.
MACs, now that’s a different matter, and would feel to be a good fit. Would then be a good springboard into DCS
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David OC
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Originally Posted by Mr_sukebe View Post
DCS, maybe not.
MACs, now that’s a different matter, and would feel to be a good fit. Would then be a good springboard into DCS

Just not sure it would be worth all that effort $ for ED (MAC / Console VR "Sell point" etc.....?) Would it still be very viable spending / using all those resources for a port.

Stick to what you know and what works for the clients you have now and in the future. If it could be done easy for a quick cash up? Well, sure. You would have to do the numbers and I'm guessing not.

EDIT: unless you can turn it into some kind of DCS MAC/fortnite. Wow that's some $ for a free game lol.

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Fortnite reportedly drew 125 million players in less than a year


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lol @ this thread
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Originally Posted by Sn8ke_iis View Post
It's a big sandbox, to each their own and the more the merrier. They should adopt the new MAC series to XBOX and PS5 as a source of revenue and to attract new players. It takes a long time and talented developers that are very scarce and in high demand to develop a full fidelity module. There are a finite amount of weirdos like us who will spend this much time and money flying imaginary airplanes. We're never going to have the same kind of numbers or budgets as GTAV, Assassin's Creed, or one of the trendy shooters or Battle Royale games that change flavor every month.

Consoles are essentially mini PCs that are mass produced. They have been for a couple generations. When new XBOXs and Playstations come out they are faster than a lot of the gaming rigs people have because of how fast this tech moves. Moore's Law is very much a reality as anybody who has tried to sell used computer components knows. Sony and Microsoft are willing to sell the hardware at break even to a loss because they make money on the software. XBOX players can now use a keyboard and mouse as well, FYI. Besides, the USB ports aren't a different special USB only for consoles, they're USB ports.

Did you ever see that movie "The Last Starfighter" back in the day? They need to remake it, besides the amazing state of the art computer graphics that Disney pulled off at the time, Spoiler Alert: A transcendent supraplanetary organization used video games to recruit new star fighter pilots to save the galaxy from the evil Zurg... Or something like that. I just IMDB'd it, it was the evil Xur and the Kodan Armada. Great movie, anyway. We need them to save our Galaxy. A typical teenager or gamer doesn't have thousands of dollars to drop on a gaming rig AND flight sim gear. What if a casual gamer wants to just try DCS without all the expense. There are a couple free modules, but my idea is better. And I'm pretty sure the developers at ED are way ahead of us on this one.

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I agree. FC and MAC would probably be simple enough to work on a console. And next gen hardware like on the PS5 is going to be much better than last gen. Especially when Vulkan gets integrated itl make DCS run even better.

This would be a great way to make more sales, and the people who don't care for MAC/FC arent playing them on PC anyways and can stick to their Full fidelity modules, but MAC does fill the gap between arcade and study sim by being a "light sim". Realistic FM and weapons but simplfied avionics functions to have no clickable cockpits.



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Leaving aside the question of console hardware like CPU and GPU and optimization and even the basic difficulties in porting the code over and getting it certified, I still don't think it would be a good idea for basic business issues.

Console games are a very different market and business model. Console games are generally intended to sell a large number of copies relatively quickly, and for this they need to appeal to a large audience. It's fun to joke about Call of Duty and Ace Combat, but those are games that have broad appeal to large numbers of people who just want to have fun and blow stuff up with their friends for 30-90 minutes. A console game that doesn't hit a certain number of sales within the first few months is generally considered a failure and dropped completely.

Flight simulators really are a niche market, and the devs and publishers rely on a "long tail" market model. They're targeting a small group of people, and it is not surprising that the majority of people who own DCS also own the other big name clmbat flight simulators as well, and why there are so few of them available. It's just a smaller market.
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