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Default Helmet collision with canopy

Does any know if it is possible to get Helmet collision feedback with the canopy?
Others games detect the collision of your head with the virtual canopy and move the camera position a bit back plus produce a sound so you have the illusion of a real canopy contact.
If we don't have this feature, could be an easy and cool thing to have in VR.

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That would make it hard to climb out of the cockpit, Just-Cause-style
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Yes please, at least as an option. I hate to go across the canopy sometimes.
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Originally Posted by DeltaMike View Post
That would make it hard to climb out of the cockpit, Just-Cause-style
Unless the state of the cockpit was included in the coding argument.

It is a feature we need. Especially in cockpits with poor all round vision. Would you suggest that we lose some essential limitations to dogfighting so we can make climbing out of the aircraft realistic when that is such a minor aspect of air combat.
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I personally do not care for the helmet collision.
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100% supportive of this, would be a great immersion add.

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The only close closed canopy aircraft I have flown in is was a 2 seat Bocian Glider. I don't recall bashing my head against the canopy. Would this routinely happen in a fast jet or WW11 fighter?
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Originally Posted by dburne View Post
I personally do not care for the helmet collision.
Agree, when your head keeps moving, and the visual environment reference doesn't correspond, it very easily induces vertigo and VR sickness, nor is it immersive or natural at all.
Best thing to do is, just don't stick your head out of the canopy.
If you have a gaming seat (or this), you could always strap yourself in, as in a RL cockpit, and that wouldn't an issue at all!
As far a cheating, well, I use a swivel office chair, and that's always gonna be a "cheat" to someone who's in a fixed gaming seat, even if a "helmet collision" was server enforced. However, I like to call the swivel chair, an "age equalization device"...
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It certainly is immersion breaking when you look behind and find your head outside of the canopy.

That said, a certain other flight sim does have canopy limits and it can get very annoying.

If this does get implemented, I'd ask that the limits are set not at the virtual head of the pilot, but at the actual eye point, to allow movement to maximum extremities but to avoid graphical breaching the canopy frame.
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Originally Posted by DigitalEngine View Post
"age equalization device"...
They don't make enough of those !
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