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Default Please fix. "Generator failure" problem

Please fix. "Generator failure" problem when using hot start. It can not be too much to ask for can IT?
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Do you mean how you get a "Generator Failure" message if you add collective too fast & let the RPM fall below where the generators drop off, or some other issue ?
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That was my first thought as well, but now I think he means the pre-programmed, initial state of the whole powerplant system when the heli spawns in hot-start missions, which is not optimal at the moment.

Yesterday I checked the default ground start missions (training and instant) where the engines are already running. Looks like the heli always spawns with low collective and throttles on 75-80'ish % (and THAT's the problem). If we use "synchronize HOTAS with controls" option and crank the throttle to max, so that governor starts working, after hitting the "Fly" button the engines fluctuate in RPM and spool up to their max RPM, which takes quite a few seconds. That will cause decrease of rotor RPM down to about 90% depending on outer conditions. Not a big deal on the ground, as we're still above generator disengage treshold. Eventually both engine and rotor RPM get up to their recommended values.

However, the same throttle state when spawning in the air forces the player to either drop collective in order to wait for the engines to spool up (thus causing significant loss of altitude), or to overload the rotor if some collective was added before hitting "Fly" button (thus the heli will not descend that much, but rotor RPM will surely drop below generator disengage treshold).

All aircraft in DCS have some initial throttle/propeller/rotor values preset when spawning in the air and they usually don't cause any gameplay issues, but in Mi-8, with its distinctive generators-vs-rotor relation, air starts mean either loosing altitude, or loosing generators, or both.
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I noticed that, too. I simply raise the collective only slightly. The rpm seems to increase after that. When the rpm is high enough, I commence the take-off.

Most of the time I anyway do a cold start. However, it's indeed something that could be improved.
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I second this request too, it would help to have the possibility reliably to start in mid-air sometimes (without generators' failures), particularly for mission testing purposes.
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I usually start up cold, but regardless, did several hot starts from a runway yesterday while testing some config tweaks. The rotor RPM stayed above the generator cutoff level each time. Didn't try an airstart so no idea about those. Well just my £0.002
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the only one I have problem with is the mission "convoy hunt", that's an immediate failure and drop pretty rapid as soon as you press fly as youre in mid air
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that is still broken...
just try Instant Action -> Target practice
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Didn't know about this. But the Mi8 deserves a cold start, or you cannot pretend to know this aircraft. Plus, hot starts leave plenty of switches un-flipped that can become a problem fast when in flight.
As for starting this aircraft in mid air, this sounds just like something you would do in Battlefield, not DCS.

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Then don't include instant action missions.

But I would rather have it fixed. I enjoy DCS more as a flight sim than a button switching sim. With a real life family, simming time is short and often interrupted. I use automatic startup and hot starts all the time.

The first thing many players will do after purchasing a module is hop into instant action. Being instantly assaulted by blaring warning beeps and Rita haranguing you makes a lousy first impression.

I also play Battlefield with my friends occasionally, and though I'm sure it wasn't meant this way, this comment rings slightly of elitism and sim-snobbery. Pay for the game - play it the way you want.
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