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Originally Posted by jfri View Post
Confusing posts ? The take off assist has been 100 and 20 (now and also in the Spit otherwise take off is to difficult in that plane). Do you mean it should be 0 ?
yes, 0 is deactivated, and is what it should be, in 109, Spit and any prop. Anyway even if inadvertently you left take off assistance on and still you aren't able to take off something more is happening there.

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I have suggested turning takeoff assist to 0, because when both computer and you try to control the brakes and rudder at the same time (that's what assist does), it might end up doing more harm than good, not to mention that you learn bad habits, which you will have to "un-learn" later anyway.

Trim to 1 and modest boost settings are indeed recommended.
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Its been a while since I took off in the BF-109, but here's the things that I remember:

Turn off take-off assist. You'll fight the computer for control, which is not something you want in a plane that is as finicky as the BF-109 on takeoff.

Make sure the tail wheel is locked. Thats when it is pushed forward and latched down.

Set the down trim wheel to about 1-2. Helps keeping you on the runway and build up speed before you really want to take off.

Dont go full power from the start. The torque can send you all over the place. Get yourself rolling and settled and then slowly increase the throttle to takeoff levels.

I seem to remember something about using a bit of right stick as well to counter the propeller torque, but I might be mistaken.

Oh and raising the seat to get a better view over the nose is also nice. Not quite as crucial as in the FW-190, but still a nice to have in my experience.

It take a lot of practice to get this plane off the ground in a somewhat competent looking manner, so just keep at it.
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Make sure you are using rudder (not brakes).
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jus take off that,s it
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Like others have said you want take off assist set to 0. It makes it much easier to control.

Apart from that maybe set your curves to something that suits your HOTAS set up and double check your controls are mapped correctly, especially breaks and rudder.
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And, practice as much as you can until you succeed.
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