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7 Calendar Days 29 6.64%
14 Calendar Days 44 10.07%
21 Calendar Days 10 2.29%
30 Calendar Days ( Once a Month ) 154 35.24%
60 Calendar Days 11 2.52%
90 Calendar Days 207 47.37%
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Originally Posted by SkateZilla View Post

If you don't believe that to be the case, ask any user that bought a License Key from Middle-Shop Website who purchased their lot of keys through fraud, and their key has since been black listed, and they can no longer use that module until they purchased a license from a authorized store front.
Can anyone of said users confirm that?
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Originally Posted by SkateZilla View Post
How do you think Starforce Pro-Active DRM Console determines that a key has been blacklisted by Starforce?

Starforce Console Checks License Key Status, along w/ other Parameters Like Machine Code against Code stored on Server, if it's been Suspended, Expires, BlackListed, etc

When You Launch DCS.exe, Every xxxxx_protect.exe for every module you have installed processes said request.
And if you're offline...how does this work? How long can you be "offline" with the current Starforce DRM before it forces you to go online and verify keys?
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Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN View Post
But Startforce checks something, it's just different than the new DRM. So instead of 'no checks' you would want an option of hardware checks wouldnt you?
Actually, I think this is the better option, as you always have the "hardware", while I have not much influence on the "Internet".

The typical SLA for an internet based service is "best effort", unless you have a leased line / business contract, usually based on an MPLS based network.

That does not take into account all the people and situations where there actually ISN'T internet access...

But I cannot see anything in terms of argument/options,that wasn't brought up here, already.

About the "representative poll", I think it isn't so important if X number of people voted a, b, or c. What I find especially useful is the feedback in this thread.
We have heard a lot of input about what, and how will/can impact customers and what are pro and cons of the system in general, up to alternatives etc.

I personally hope ED understands the impact for the customer side better from this input and can optimize their strategy.

I guess it isn't so much about a 90 day or 120 day period in-between checks.
The question is, how to handle people who really want to play offline or can't provide a stable internet connection every time a check is due.

Guess, this is EDs job to think of a solution to handle this. May be a solution to grant an option to ask the support in advance for a long term offline "key" that has a "expiration date" and is bound to a specific CPU/Hardware ID to cover monthlong deployments or periods of offline play.

Or the option to download/request a set of up to three "pregenerated activations" that can be entered offline so you can extend the check three times, without an internet connection, for a maximum period of 3*90 days = 270 days which should cover a lot of eventualities?

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Originally Posted by Force10 View Post
And if you're offline...how does this work? How long can you be "offline" with the current Starforce DRM before it forces you to go online and verify keys?

I find it remarkable that several times through this thread people have asked
for an offical ED staff member to confirm starforce phoning home ........
still no answer
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Curious about this too. A few years ago I was in a house with no onnection apart from my phone and wad offline for months on end. No issues with DCS.
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IMO these systems should annoy the user as little as possible while maintaining sufficient safety for the company.
If I wish to work on mission building that includes assets that require the copy protection I want to have that freedom as a paying customer whenever I please regardless of my having an internet connection or not. I am abroad often and I also reside in hotels at times where there is no internet in your room or internet is very expensive.
A three day limit would severely hamper my ability to use DCS in that case, so I have voted for 90 days. The chance of being without internet for longer is very slim.

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Hi, I a cannot see my purchase in the list of Modules I have available. Please can you tell me where I can access my purchased AV8 B?
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Only for Open Beta ATM.
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Until the powers that be actually answer the question about starforce what we can work out

1. IF a module is activated and the user is offline for very long periods (from what people have posted)
the module will continue to work fine without internet

2. IF a module key is revoked at starforce and the PC with this module has an internet connection
starforce on the local PC can phone home to starforce and thus revoke it

This means that yes starforce protection can phone home to check a key
BUT it is NOT mandatory, unlike the proposed new DRM system
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If each module install is hardware locked then you should be able to limit calling home to joining MP, updating, or installing a new module.

If the idea of the new DRM is to move away from a hardware locked install, then I can see the need to have regular contact.

I'm not a DRM expert though, so there could be variables I'm not aware of.
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