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Thanks Viper! I'm still learning the ropes here in DCS.
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Hello Albatros lovers.

Im not sure if it's the right place but does anyone made a Draken skin for the L-39 or is planning to make one? I would love to see this paint scheme in DCS!

See the two schemes there: http://www.prestwickaviationphotogra...ord/Vodochody/

Happy flying
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A lot of photos of L-39 «RUS'» here
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Ron Attwood
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I did a paint of the L-39 Russian display team for FSX/P3D. A challenge that was!

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Hello, whenever I put the repaint in the proper folder, then select it in the mission editor and launch the flight my aircraft is the standard camo with redstar. On the splinter pattern that is blue i can see it coming through the top layer of the above mentioned repaint but only in two spots opposing each other on the ac. Is this a known issue or am I alone?
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Default Russian Camo Pilot skin request interior/exterior

Hello Albatros people,

If anyone is willing I'd like to Request a Russian Camouflage Pilot skin TTsKO Butan like the one in this link for the exterior/interior Pilot.

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Guys ukrainian digital camo anyone?
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Originally Posted by berk.kp View Post
Guys ukrainian digital camo anyone?
there is one - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/1795083/
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Default Separate skins for front and back pilot possible?


is it somehow possible to apply separate skins for the front and the back pilot?
So as for example a green helmet for the front pilot and a blue helmet for the back pilot. Respectively to have two different pilots in one L-39 at the same time.

Thanks for help!
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No, same files for front/rear pilots

Breitling By Jetesons Flight Lead
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