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Originally Posted by WolfK33 View Post
Tanker now responds with altitude and airspeed when asking for rejoin.
This is one of the small changes very much appreciated!

And it wasn't even on the list


Edit: My performance went up a bit, doing around 30fps now. Still not the 45 I had, but better than just 22fps. And almost stutter free.

And because of the performance issues I just checked the VR options to see if something might have changed (especially PD), and I've come across this:

Didn't test it yet (was off initially), but when it does what I suppose it to do, this board doesn't have a big enough font setting to say...

Thank you!

This will make using the VR controllers so much easier as we don't have to carefully watch where we'd place the right one to rest anymore and not worry about it triggering any switches. Definately the best of those undocumented changes for me

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Been meaning to ask, what's with the ponies?
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Still unplayable for me in MP aboard the carrier and tried NTTR at Nellis as well just to see if it was a memory leak due to the carrier. Nellis was just as bad.
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Made a short few flights last night, it was good! In my view, ED ar rocking it with 2.5.6! So much goodness. Thank you guys.
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Seems more stable now after the hotfix, especially in MP. Looking forward to what comes next, especially for the Hornet and Viper.
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Anyone noticed how the ground AI behaves much better now? Pathfinding seems to finally work and they avoid trees as well. Man, I like this patch after the hotfix & am extremely glad to see things MOVING again
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Stingers flew a multiplayer combat mission last night with 11 Hornets on our dedicated server with the latest patch and it ran very well.
We also flew traps and the Stennis is back to normal (doesn’t crash the server).
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I've got a few hours on 2.6, flew some dusk mission around Dubai. Lighting is amazing. Huge Huey bug; it keeps crashing (my Huey, not the game). This has nothing to do with me being a Huey novice, I'm sure. It's worse when I come in to crash...er...land.

Seriously, in my little corner of DCS, 2.6 is working out nicely. Others...maybe different, but no complaints here on my old machine. New box isn't quite ready yet.
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Yea from my point of rig, DCS 2.5.6 in the actual state is running nice with good lighting and superb looking Ka-50.

I wonder why so many Users seem to have problems with 2.5.6, whilst others seem to have improvements which would then lead to two groups: the 2.5.5 conservatives and the 2.5.6 progressive party?!?
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