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Hard decision to make, but I'm sure it will work out.
I for one support you guys, it must be heartbreaking to keep having to go back to something and reading code would fry my brain.
Even large armies have to regroup, re-plan and move on, you guys don't have an army.
Looking forward to whatever you produce, and glad of it
Thank you
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Honestly, I didn't expect myself to be saying this, but I sympathise and think you've made the right decision. I think it'd be beneficial for some folks to consider how situations like this arise.

Of course, it's the old cliché around these parts of...poor communication.
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I'm new to DCS but bought the Hawk mainly due to being from the UK and wanting the learn a simple fast jet. Sure it has bugs but I enjoy flying the Hawk regularly and I appreciate the efforts you guys make. Thanks.
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Interesting decision.

I hope your Hawk ASM recode and any further work abstracts your codebase out slightly and makes it more resilient, because the moment DCS World stops becoming a moving target it'll be the death of it as a platform.
I do have a lot of sympathy though, as a dev using a shifting codebase is a difficult task and rather frustrating.

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VEAO Best wishes and thank you.
No ill will.
Hope to be hearing from you within the next 30 days.

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Dino Might
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Keep it up, guys! I always want more developers to succeed. It's a tough undertaking, and any ill will from the playerbase is mostly just anticipation jitters. Stick with it, and we'll stick with you.
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I think this is a wise decision since having two broken modules out at the same time won't make anyone happy.
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Note : Its important to understand the not all eggs hatch at the same time. (People compare developers but shouldnt expect exactly the same result, they can be better or worse or vice-versa).

My point of view is that i should still support Veao and the last thing you need is adding a lack of funds to their modules delay, so i am not going to take a refund. I want you guys to make all those modules , you have been honest enough and you have at least given us the Hawk and commit to improve it.
Right now there is alot of content in DCS. New modules, new maps and new missions, i am sure we can be entertained untill you finish the modules. If you say that waiting for 2.5 to be released will ease things out and you believe it will change for the better then you have my support.

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Though it's a little late in the game, I'm glad you all are at least honest about the whole thing.

As a customer of yours, (I bought the Hawk on pre-sale), I will tell you that due to being able to use the Hawk module only a few times because of either module crippling or immersion killing bugs or issues that have plagued it, I've had the unspoken thought of "what did I really spend my money on here" for awhile now. I know I'm not the only one that shares that sentiment either.

I haven't had that thought about every other module. Sure, sometimes the other modules might not work for one update or two or something is off in an update and then fixed. But it's fixed and I am able to use it with relative enjoyment for some time.

I understand your position, I know it's not easy, I've been in the software engineering world myself and I know how things go. I think you're company is doing the right thing, but from one software developer to another, this statement to the community and plan of action for your future products should have happened a lot earlier.

I honestly feel like you all have been trying do more than you actually could and you're just now realizing it and I have felt like this as far back as 2014. The average amount of time to make a DCS module is 4 years. The amount of modules you had announced before even releasing one was staggering. Your product releases would have stretched into the 2030's, long past the time DCS would probably be dead.

To be quite frank, of all the DCS world modules, the first time I loaded up the Hawk and looked around the cockpit, was the only time I literally wasn't blown away by a DCS module. It gave away the impression that it wasn't the only thing being primarily focused on by the dev team, even if that's not really the case. Which is unfortunate, because first impressions usually last the most. It was like a cake with all the right ingredients that hadn't been baked long enough and it still feels like that. Something just feels off about the cockpit of the Hawk module to this day.

My point is, I as a consumer, would have been happier if you started with an extremely simple aircraft that was exquisitely modeled and stable, leaving a lasting impression of VEAO as a quality brand that pushed out outstanding products that I was willing to purchase without hesitation. Versus a brand that has a product that's been in beta for 3 years and I have to hope that in the next year or two, so 4 to 5 years later, that I actually get the promised product my 50$ was actually intended for. The P-40 missing its release date by two years is not a good thing either. It could be another year or two before we even get a unified version of DCS. After all, we all know everything with core DCS world is subject to change and we get it when we get it.

All said, I hope this feedback was correctly interpreted as the constructive feedback I was trying to give and I hope DCS finally eventually merging into one stable and unified version finally allows you guys to shine, because if it doesn't, it probably won't be a good thing from a business perspective - at least on the public side.

Best of luck with everything.
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I really can't see why VAEO seem to struggle far more than any other devs, you have had years to fix the hawk and all we get is excuses. I'm sorry but I am sick of hearing how important we are to you and how much you want to fix it. Look at the end of the day i want a lot of things too, but they are just words, talk is cheap. Just fix the aeroplane and quit the excuses. My honest opinion is that you as a developer are out of your depth and have yet to complete a module to an acceptable standard. I really fail to see how you have a hope in hell of completing a Typhoon! It's such a complex A/C. You can't even complete a basic jet trainer. I own most DCS add ons, I always buy the pre release versions, the only one I regret is the hawk.
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