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Default Why 2 throttles?

Hi all, hope the devs are reading this forum.

I installed 2.5 and am puzzled how to set up my axes. In 1.5 I used to have one axis for throttle - the grey slider on my Warthog (uninstalled this version, so can't look now). Now there are separate "Throttle Left" and Throttle Right". There is one twist handle to on the collective stick, one key pair PgUp/PgDn and the manual only mentions one throttle. So I am confused.

Nowhere in manual I can find what the "Corrector" is.

I tried copying my old 1.5 bindings, and they worked, BUT I started getting random "scripting.dll" errors in the missions. I don't know if the bindings are at fault, so trying a clean start.

Also, it would be nice to have a key assignment for GUV (ГУВ) fire selector switch.
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Originally Posted by impalor View Post
"Throttle Left" and Throttle Right".
These are the actual throttles (more correctly the Engine Condition Levers as per the manual) for each engine. Located to the left of the collective.

Originally Posted by impalor View Post
Nowhere in manual I can find what the "Corrector" is.
This is the one on the collective, on other helicopters referred to as the throttle. Don't know if there are any actual difference between this on the Mi-8 and others except for the naming. Might be incorrectly named throttle in the manual.
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In our English manuals, the throttle on the collective is referred to as the “throttle control twist grip”. But I have seen some odd translations. For example, we have some older manuals where the swashplate is called the “wobble plate”.
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