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Just noticed this thread and it is indeed a great read with a lot of very interesting information! Makes a lot of things more clear. Thank you very much for taking the time to write that down. I really appreciate this.

While I'm personally not really interested in the Kittyhawk as an aircraft I'm very happy to hear that there might be new modules comming after it. Keep it up!
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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!

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Thanks Ells, still have high hopes for VEAO.

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Originally Posted by rajdary View Post
Thanks Ells, still have high hopes for VEAO.
I don't have high hopes but I do hope they finish the hawk and working compatibly with DCS 2.5. One thing I do understand is DCS is a fluid ever evolving concept and I can also understand the strains on the third party developers. It's a sink or swim situation...almost ! Not quite as the Mig 21 was riding very high until recently, it's now showing lack of commitment but that's another story. I have stopped having high hopes from the few developers other than Heatblur, Belsimtek and Razbam. I don't think I will be buying any more modules unless they are the developers.

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Just want to say I am looking forward to the Hawk being completed. I understand shit happens and just want to wish the VEAO team all the best.
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Thanks guys.

The new cockpit model and textures are with the ED testers at the moment.

I’m working on the night lighting bug and as soon as that’s done I’ll push them out to the next patch.
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Great! New textures are welcome, screens are looking very good.

Did a couple of tests last night and found some stuff still borked on the Hawk.
Maybe to get fixed after textures?


Invisible ADEN pod

Sidewinder volume can not be turned down

Sidewinders should be all-aspect and have longer range

Addition of AIM-9L

Gunsight rework?


This might actually be an issue with damage model. 30+ G instant manouvering is possible
and does not harm the airframe.

The behaviour with the nose during hard turns is a bit strange. I get the effect Pman is after,
but inside VR you really notice that this does feel unrealistic. Maybe pull back on that effect a bit?


Hawk tanks way to much damage. I can fly without wings and on fire. Seems to be something borked here. In multiplayer, If I get hit badly, I dissapear from the map. But I can still fly and fight.

To me, these are the bugs that holds Hawk back from being a really good module.
I think it has a lot of potential if it become a bit more polished. Fun to fly airframe. svept wings, can do light attack / intercepts and are used around the Persian Gulf.

Hope too see more improvements towards a solid module. Thx

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Thanks for the feedback, all known and working on.

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Looking forward to the update, thanks for the hard work
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Ups and downs... hence I'm glad you did not leave the boat
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Cool to read some good news. I am really looking forward to that P-40.

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