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Captain Orso
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So looking forward to the live stream

What kind of era FlaK units are being planned?

Are there infantry units in the planning? If yes, can you say anything about what types and weapons (MG's, bazooks, Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck, PIAT) and nationalities (US, British, German, Canadian) and how many men per unit? Will they be controllable with CA module?

Will the airfields have era style communications and operations? EG If you radio you are in-bound, will they give you any directions to the airfield? Will they work properly when doing a era flyover-peal off-landing? also with a flight of aircraft? also with AI aircraft?

Will take-off in parallel with AI aircraft be possible, if the runway is wide enough?

Will ATC actually coordinate take-offs and landings on an airfield if both operations are occurring at the same time within a mission?

What kind of formations will be available for the AI B-17G and with how many AC per formation? Any way to make huge multi group formations?

Will there be any settings in ME to have the AI B-17G formations fly evasive maneuvers when flying into areas defended by heavy FlaK (making small changes to altitude and heading every 30-45 seconds, depending on altitude, but maintaining a mean heading overall)?

Will buildings, and other structures (bridges, runways, roads) be destructible?

Will the HVAR's of the P-51D finally stop causing the airframe to yaw when they are fired?

Much appreciation for any questions you can answer

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- Do we need to buy the map for having it running on servers at release?

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Question I: Will there be any airfields/airbases capable of supporting more modern aircraft?

Question II: Are mission editor place-able, hard surface airfields a possibility with this map or others in the future?

Apologies if I'm reposting or echoing what's been asked, haven't looked through the thread.
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Great news about SE England being included and level of detail looks fine for now. The huge scope increase this allows for mission design is just awesome. Great move.

The fact ED made this change through listening to user feedback - even more awesome!

1. As part of the WWII era units, will there also be the sort of ships you might expect along the coast/ in the channel - e.g. fishing boats etc.
2. Will the invasion fleet/ follow on landing ships be present, or at least the Naval Gunline ships? Can you show these and their level of functionality please (e.g. an NGS fire mission)
3. Will the Mulberry harbours be present/ placeable?
4. Can you show us "DCS laundry line" please?
5. Longer term, as a paid extension, do you plan to expand the Normandy map to include Greater London/ the London Docks/ Calais/ available airfields etc. and make the Atlantic Wall controllable through the ME so that one day we might have DCS 1940 - The Blitz/ Battle of Britain??
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Flying modern era aircrafts in Normandy map is one thing, but are we going to be able to LAND and TAKE OFF the Su-27 or the F-15 from those airfields and airstrips?

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Guys I had a tidy up,

please only leave questions for the live stream related to Normandy Map 1944
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Hawkeye60 is a jewel in the rough

Will He be able to answer every question put forth here?

So much anticipation!

Can't wait!
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Buzzles is just really niceBuzzles is just really nice

Q: As AAA is rather important in a WWII setting, are there plans to improve the flak systems?
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Default Campaign

Have to ask, are there any campaign in this?
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English airfields will not have the same level of detail as the rest of the map ? would like to know just how basic they are going to be and whether more detail is planned for a future update.
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