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Ok you guys want Army FMs? Well the army puts all the non classified (there are very few that are classified) here. Apd.army.mil and the air forces is http://www.e-publishing.af.mil . It's good to know a ex grunt.

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You have two call sign tracks the individual’s call sign which is given upon completion of training and/or at their duty station. Usually based on something about the individual.

And you have the flight callsign which is assigned to a unit they have several some reserved for the top echelon others that are daily call signs based on the mission aa,ag etc these usually get assigned to an aircrew but not always.

Personal call signs to many to name probably the same for the flight call signs since it must be unique to one crew per day in case of an accident there would be no problems of the wrong flight being identified as going down some are training use some are reel world use some are for transport flights some are for cross country flights so you could probably pull any noun of the dictionary and find it in use as flight call sign as long as it is distinct sounding over the air and consisting of one or two syllable sounds.
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Not to Necro the thread, but are there any good manuals for strike missions? I.e. go blow up a bridge/building/whater in enemy defended territory.
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Hey guys, looking for some good templates for relatively generic kneeboard mission data cards. I'm primarily interested in a two-card format. Page one being unit/ flight plan data, and page two being for the comm plan.

Anyone have or know of some good resources on this? Thanks!
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