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Originally Posted by Sn8ke_iis View Post
I just did a quick test of Sobek's thesis on 2 and 4 cores with HT on and off. This was at 1440p High settings.

On 2 cores with HT disabled the cores were both pegged at 100% the whole time and the frame rate varied between 110-120 fps and was kind of choppy on the frametime graph.

On the rest of the tests frame rate rate varied between 110-120 fps as well but was smoother frametime wise and the cores never pegged to 100% and the utilization bounced around on the Afterburner OSD between the logical and physical cores.
with HT, if two threads get assigned to the same physical core, they have to share the single cpu execution unit. that's why you only see a 20% increase with HT (optimum case) instead of 200%

sharing mean means coordination overhead and one waiting for the other to finish. that's why you don't get 100% utilization.
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It's like a Revolver with 6 bullets preloaded, you can fire only one at a time but the next one is already preloaded, saving you valuable time. In my easy way of thinking it saves the time to load the next work set and can instantly switch over and do the other thread while again it will fill the now empty pipe to switch again once #2 has finished.
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i like your analogy.

the issue is that most software sees no performance increase from the preloading.

even intel own material claims a maximum of 20%, and you can bet they benchmarked that with the optimum use case!
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It's why we need to hit the GPU from all directions at the same time.

"What this means practically for developers, is that on device with more cores you’ll simply be able to manage your threads better, and allowing rendering strategies that weren’t previously possible. As I alluded to last time, this will lead to better efficiency and better performance of applications that otherwise find themselves maxing out a single core!"

CPU bottlenecks

GPU waiting on the CPU


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