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Originally Posted by SkipCarey View Post
actually the astronauts routinely still this airframe even today as I live in the houston area and see them coming into NASA here quite regularly...........
Those are T-38s, which are very closely related to the F-5 but are considered different aircraft. Their cockpits have received rather significant upgrades, as well.
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Originally Posted by SonofEil View Post
I just hopped back in tonight for the first time since going VR.
What a roomy little office the F-5 has! The pilot is practically manspreading in the seat. Coming from the F-18, the F-5's engines are incredibly responsive (maybe unrealistically so?), yet they're also anemic, wheezy little things. I was doing a climbing turn from takeoff at full mil, 1500fpm, 180kts...and losing speed! I've flown real life GA airplanes with better climb performance!
I'd forgotten you can't see how much fuel is in the external bags, and as soon as the "Ext Tanks Empty" caution light illuminates extreme range anxiety sets in. Range anxiety sets in immediately after wheels-up if you're flying without bags.
Maneuvering she bleeds energy like a stuck pig and it's hell gaining it back unless you're in a controls-neutral dive. You can't just power your way out of trouble. I also decided to play around doing some low altitude, high AOA work. Mistake.
And I honestly believe it's harder to set up a good, stable, textbook approach and landing in the F-5 than it is to do a carrier trap in the F-18.
In short, I missed this old bird! Time to go get in some fights!!
Enjoy your purchase, CybrSlydr!
Regarding your terrible performance after takeoff.. Hate to mention something obvious but did you forget to retract the airbrakes after start? I've taken off with the airbrakes out a few times in the F-5 lol
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