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Default Mouse Polling rates

I own a g502 logitech mouse.
Since yesterday 04/11/2018, when in external view and looking at detail heavy structures like the island on the carrier, my mouse will become quite un responsive and the game shutters abit.
I have to lower my Polling rates on the mouse down to 125 mhz.
(whhich kinda fixes it, but still not optimal. )

This haven't been a issue before so I'm wondering what changed? And what is causing this?


Update: Tested DCS at work. where I also have the g502 mouse. And it does the same thing here. (which it didnt do before)

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I have also that problem with the G502 ( Spectrum ). My polling rate run with 250Hz & 900 Dpi.
That works fine for me.
Maybe is it a Vsync problem. I am not sure.
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G502 at 1GHz here, no worries.
other machine specs? graphics settings fps etc?
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This is an old problem, it took many months to figure out for myself, i think 2 years have passed since and it has not been fixed yet.

I have to use a cheap mouse with 100hz pollrate, because my main mouse doesn't have pollrate adjustable, but seems like the industry is going with adjustable pollrate for the newer stuff these days.

What is your specs, maybe it happens on particular config only.
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