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Default Ravens Fighter Championship

Dear pilots,

We invite you to participate in our first RFC event (Ravens Fighter Championship).

RFC series will be organized in association with Situational Awareness and will be hosted on our DCS dedicated server.

In this first event, we invite you to hop into a modern fighter jet to test your skills against other fellow pilots in a 4v4 single elimination tournament.

Best contestants will receive ranking points (SA points) that will count toward our next event, which will feature an exciting prizepool so make sure you bring your A game in this one to reserve your slot in our main event planned for the Summer!

  • 4v4 Fight, Red Team based at Sochi, Blue Team based at Kobuleti (total Distance 125nm - Range to bulls - 62nm)
  • Each team will have 6 light ground targets at BE to defend.
  • Take off at referee's call
  • First team to destroy all enemy ground units OR all enemy air units wins the round
  • If both teams run out of fuel and crash/land, the team with most ground kills wins
  • Best of 3 rounds (first team to win 2 rounds wins)
    - Round 1: BVR (Only 4 ARH missiles are allowed per aircraft)
    - Round 2: Guns Only
    - Deciding Round: Short Range with 4x heat-seeking missiles (no R-27T / ET) + Guns
  • Ground pounding is allowed using guns only.
  • No refuel/rearm but one could bug out and land if unable to fight (to avoid loss in pilot stats)
  • 1 life per pilot per round
  • Disconnection before reaching the target area is eligible for a re-spawn, otherwise counts as a loss.
  • Disconnection while being under fire or threatened by the enemy counts as a loss.
  • Crash, teamkill and mid air collision are all valid losses.
  • Both teams captains need to submit their choice of plane just before the match and at the same time to the referee to avoid picking according to opponent's choice.
  • You have to stick to one aircraft throughout the match.
  • Possible rides are F15, Su27 /Su33, Mirage 2000, Mig 29 or Mig 21
  • Teammates could choose different aircraft.
  • A Ping limit of 300 will be applied, any one over the limit will be removed to ensure a smooth event.

  • April 15---> 1900z: Server 1 hosts quarter final 1 and Server 2 hosts quarter final 2
  • April 15---> 2030z: Server 1 hosts quarter final 3 and Server 2 hosts quarter final 4
  • April 16---> 1900z: Server 1 hosts semi-final 1 and Server 2 hosts semi-final 2
  • April 22---> 1900z: server 1 hosts finale.

  • This event is open to both lone wolves and squadrons.
  • There is space for 8 teams. 4 team slots will be allocated on first come first served and 4 teams will be allocated based on SA Rankings.
  • Lone Wolves can sign up individually if they don't have teammates or sign up as a team if they have already agreed to team up together.
  • Squadron leaders can reserve a team slot then come up with their pilot list at least 10 days before D-day. Squadron can include up to 10 pilots on their list but only 4 players can fly at a time. Pilot substitution is possible only after a round is over. Only one team is allowed per squadron.
  • A pilot whose squadron did not sign up can still post own application or as part of a team with other pilots.
  • Reserve slots are also available, we will have a reserve list with at least 1 tram and 4 Lone Wolves l.
  • Template for registration:
    Callsign (Please use same one if you are SA-ranked to avoid scattering your points across multiple aliases)
    Nationality (for country rankings)
    Current location (for ping assessment)
    Squadron name (for squadron rankings)
    Squadron website (to retrieve info)


59th Ravens
SF Squadron
104th Phoenix
Escuela Paketa
Team Eagle
Reservoirs Elite (Lone wolfs)
Team Turborush (Lone Wolfs

SINGLES (Within Lone Wolf teams above )




Brackets and info can be found here.


The events will be streamed on Chillywillies twitch account, here is the link


Our Teamspeak address is

please can i ask you to kindly jump on at 6:30pm GMT, we will provide the details of the servers once we are on TS.


Server 1
104th Phoenix vs Team Eagle

Server 2
59th Ravens vs Reservoirs Elite

Server 1
SF Squadron vs ITGC

Server 2
Team Turborush vs Escuela Paketa

Please can i ask you to kindly jump on 30 mins before kick off to ensure you have the Server details.

Thank you
DECOY (Lead Admin)

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