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Skynet IADS: Function - Drastically reduce the complexity and the time to create missions with more complex SAM AI behavior.
Notes - In the past I made use of unit AI on/off triggers and zones to try and accomplish this, but having to add a significant number for each and every SAM site is exhausting, especially when combined with the other sites and units/tasks in DCS. It was not uncommon to have hundreds of triggers just to make the SAM AI behave more believably as they had to be created for each and every unit, rather than having a task that could be selected. Having more complex SAM AI behavior in game either by default (essentially just making these actions a basic tenet of the AI rather than setting it up each and every time), or as a task selection, would help rectify this. In addition, being able to trigger an action (or have complex reactions by default) when a HARM or some sort of ARM has been detected incoming, would also serve to remove the need for external scripts such as these. Ideally we would be able to choose the level of "suppression" possible, either linked to or independently of the skill level. Independently would allow for things like SA-15s to stay "dark" when incoming ARMs are detected and they are not needed to protect other units, while still allowing them to be set "active" when using them as point defense for other systems or units.

MIST/CTLD: Function - Adds the ability to spawn, transport, and task AI infantry and units semi-dynamically, without requiring hours of setup in the mission editor (which often doesn't work, as AI infantry spawned in the ME will do things like spawn underneath FARP pads and be unable to board aircraft). Also used for the ability to call in artillery fire missions on detected units using nearby artillery assets, and specifying the number of rounds to be fired.
Notes - It adds a whole new level of depth to gameplay in helicopters in DCS. The communication menu F-7 "Airborne Troops" option seems promising, but with the lack of documentation and the issues that plague the current "standard" method of transporting infantry and other units, CTLD is absolutely necessary to accomplish these tasks. It also adds the ability to create/remove beacons in-mission for navigation purposes.

Scripting/mission building is an area where I believe DCS could learn a great deal from other products that have succeeded, such as Arma 3, which supports features such as "smart" spawning for AI units of any type, even basing the rate/type/loadouts off of client/player/unit counts, and potentially even loadouts. I am aware that people have written scripts to accomplish something roughly mimicking this, however they are unique, and often too complex for me to easily implement in my missions. A "standard" solution for this in which one can place a "module" in the mission editor, then select the type (hangar, ramp, runway, airborne), location (which airfield, potentially selecting specific or a range of parking spots to use when available), in addition to the previously mentioned options for spawning would be ideal.

BigNewy mentioned earlier today in discord that a lot of lag issues with modules such as Combined Arms can be avoided by reducing unit counts to ~600 units at most. This is not a large number by any means for a game where missions can span hundreds of miles with multiple objectives. However, if support were added for toggling on/off unit and/or group AI within a ZONE (and possibly a moving zone that could be attached to a player/client), rather than requiring individual triggers for each and every unit, this could cut down on mission building time and complexity, allow for reduced unit counts, and reduce the overall load on the server as fewer AI would need to be active at once.

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Script Function: Air to air dispatcher, GCI, airboss, respawn
Script Tool: MOOSE
Notes: Not included in DCS, such as ability to get ships to cycle/loop waypoints
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Script Function: Administrative tools - Automatic kick / ban, mission change from within the simulation client side by registered admins, vote-to-change for non-admin clients to select a new mission, statistics.

Script Tool: SLMod
Notes: Not included with DCS, sort of a necessary set of tools for running a MP server.
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pasted from Discord:

1. to be able clean up and remove from the game and memory dead / destroy unts.. example... I have dynamically respawning training range, but it fills up with dead carcasses quickly, need core ME feature that I can scipt to that removes dead units from the map..........

2 to be able to pick up troops from the ground, via transport unit (ship , helo, apc , truck , plane ) unload them at another zone, then give them orders such as move to frontlines, patrol in zone etc

[10:38] Thrud: 3. the editor needs alot of the static structures to move over into being UNITS though I believe quite a few need a "dead" state model

[10:46] Thrud: I use MOOSE to have AI and humans getting taskings, such CSAR, A2G, SEAD, BAI and A2A missions, I use the functional artillery to automate intelligently arty, I use Air to Air dispatchers for persistent randomised and sometime sneaky enemy CAPS, I use DETECTION and DESIGNATE often just to name a few... moose has so much excellent stuff ... ...honestly PIKEY is the man... lets not forget SKYNET IADS based on MIST... also excellent ! Moose has filled out my missions and breathed in life until dynamic campaigns arrive in the future and probably still will after they do

[10:50] Thrud: Unless the super carrier gets its extra radio channels anytime soon, a check box to disable either Marshall, Tower or LSO in the editor would be good on the DCS side so we can fill in the blanks with the excellent airboss script

[10:51] Thrud: Can an artist make a range circle bomb target and the suspended strafe target like in the 476th range group targets, so we dont need to add mods to the game as will as moose RANGE scripting to get the full effect
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Script Function: IADS
Script Tool: MIST, Skynet
Notes: IADS.
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@nineline are you planning to only support the most popular scripts, this leaves out people like me that built an amazing system that just isn't opensourced(for the time being)
Just making sure we are focusing on the right things with this thread

And if there is a vote, I vote to support the API better directly. All of these scripts use it, kill all the birds with 1 stone with better support of the DCS Lua dedicated API, and I do feel we use pretty much every single endpoint in that API. its all important
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