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Originally Posted by Victory205 View Post
You have no idea as to what is going to happen. Why do so many people in the UK hate the business world and assume the worst?

Seemingly five minutes ago half the posts on this forum were anger directed at HB over release dates, now everyone is suddenly worried that they are going to disappear.
On the other hand, it would have taken Cobra literally 10 seconds to dispel all this and answer a perfectly valid direct question about it with something in the lines of "Yes, we currently plan to release more modules for DCS".

The fact that he didn't do this and went to great lengths to avoid mentioning DCS in any of his post-announcement posts, makes it quite reasonable to assume that this might be in question at the moment, to put it mildly.

To be absolutely clear, I'm glad for their success and am looking forward to whatever consumer-level comes out of this new endeavor of theirs.

Would have preferred an approach without all this deliberate vagueness, though, and the announcement felt a bit untimely, but they probably have their reasons for it.

I'll leave it at that until we get more info on their future plans.
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Well congrats guys, until further information/conformation though I have to agree this doesn't read too well for the dcs side of things. BUT maybe there's better things to come
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And this got un-stickied without a straight answer... At least it wasn't deleted. Honestly Heatblur I'm glad your getting paid you deserve it. Just hoping we weren't just shown what DCS is capable of only not to see it again. Fingers crossed for that A-6 module.
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Great stuff. If you continue making stuff like the Viggen and the F-14 we are in for some good times.

Your work is incredible.
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