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Originally Posted by Kev2go View Post
Comercially? Lol Viggen isnt exactly commercially attractive either. Its kind of got a Niche following as only Sweden used that Aircraft, and its very role specific aircraft based around unique Swedish Doctrine. F5E is already arguably a far more mass appealing aircraft than the Viggen even if its not as capable for ground attack or lacks actual anti shipping capabilities.

You seem to forget that F5E isnt just a plane for Disimmilar air combat training /Agressor against Teen fighters in Nevada.....

F5E was used in similar configuration around the world by various export users.

The F5E is a lightweight export plane meant for cost effectiveness and simplicity at a time when the trend was to large complex and expensive fighters. which not everyone could afford.

F5E is straightfoward to learn ( but still taking time to master) , its got a logical and freindly cockpit layout, its Pilots plane in terms of handling ( especially considering its not a FBW aircraft) and its actually very fun zip around in. It makes a great opponent to the Mig21BIS. and historical one too if you look at foreign conflicts, like the IRan/IRAQ war. Id say ironically its like an opposite analogy to F4 vs Mig21. where the Mig21bis has to use superior energy for vertical attacks, and F5E is a going to rely on Horizontal Dogfighting. when it comes to avionics, both have pros and cons, hence why there pretty well matched in a dissimilar sort of way.

F5 is actually quite an underrated aircraft among its era and playing I learned to apreciate and like it even more. If there existed a was a High low mix of the 3rd generation it would be the F4 and F5 analogous to the F15 and bvrless F16A.
Nothing of that is relevant against the fact that right now there are modules in DCS of fighters of the 80's-90´s more attractive than the F-5E, and that means that the F-5E is no longer a best-seller. And an update to a more advanced and capable version (let's say the F-5N) would revive the sales both for old costumers that already have the plane and new costumers that didn't have it an would find it more attractive than, lets say, the Viggen or the Harrier (that are not so good in A-A combat), or would buy it as a combo with the Tomcat and/or theHornet to have both the Tomcat/Hornet and the "adversary" version of the F-5 used in real life by the US NAVY.

Also, I don't get why some people is against a payware update to this bird for people that would like to fly with it all weather and at night and would like to make more variety of missions. If you don't want the update, don't buy it, is as simple as that.

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