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Default Jester question

For the time being I want to focus on the front seat, when I am relying on Jester to lock up targets how do I know how he has them locked, I'd like to HEAR him say give a target count, and the type of lock either that being STT or TWS or what ever, and how many are locked up in TWS.

Maybe this can be done, and is how it is, but so far in the missions I've built for trying out the AIM-54 he never seems to tell me that he's locked onto anything more than 1 target, when I know there are multiple Tu-22's approaching the carrier group.
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When he is calling out BVR targets to you he is automatically locking them up in TWS mode.

To see him doing this you can switch your HSD mode to TID. You can see he is locking each one up in TWS mode because as he does it each one is tagged with a number, i.e. 1...2....3...4....5....6.
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To be fair that locking something up in TWS will result in a PD STT radar mode lock.

What he is doing is scanning the sky efficiently for returns and then have the TWS system plot so called "tracks" onto the TID.
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I've finished with my first online employment. So far I am thrilled, but I'm also wondering how do I get him to lock several targets in tws and then fire at them being still in the front seat. So far he can only lock targets using STT. Also I am getting only the target designator with no cross displayed over it.
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