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Default Landing configuration - how do you counter the Dutch Roll?

I’ve been focusing mostly on landing pattern work since yesterday. Compared to the F/A-18, this aircraft is definitely more challenging to keep on-speed AOA and at proper altitudes/descent rates, but DLC helps a lot with that.

What I can’t seem to figure out is the insane Dutch Roll tendency that the F-14 exhibits. I understand that you have to coordinate roll with rudder much more than the F-5 or F/A-18 (the other 2 planes I fly). I have no problem doing that up at altitude at cruise airspeeds. But in the pattern, it feels like the actual movement of the aircraft lags behind the control input. Any attempts I make to fix the nose swinging from side-to-side upon rolling wings level, even by just attempting to center the ball, results in pilot-induced oscillations.

Is this just something you had to deal with in the AFCS Tomcats, or am I not understanding something fundamental about how to roll in and out of turns at on-speed AOA vs. cruising at 350 KIAS?

I would post a track file, but my internet is currently down (posting from my phone).
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When landing, I have been flying the F-14 like I fly the Huey. Just use "micro-movements". I find that it is a game of finesse over brute strength.
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Hard to say without data, but it isn't difficult at all coming from natural stability aircraft. What I am reading from you and others is a lack of stick and rudder skills due to atrophy from flying either FBW or unsophisticated FM's.

Make sure all three SAS are on. You can inadvertently disengage pitch and roll SAS if you have a pinky switch mapped.

It is probably safe to say that we are still tuning the stability in the landing config, but it isn't due to dutch roll. Lots of trial an error required to get it right. And they will get it right.

Are you wing rocking? If so you are likely slow. It won't wing rock if on speed or faster. It just takes time learning to wake up and calibrate your feet. Don't over do it. Pressure more than displacement depending upon how your controller is set up. You can also try leading with rudder to ensure that you are applying some.

Read the Handling tips as well in the Sticky section if you haven't already.
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Also a big help is actually taking off and practicing slow flight, on speed flight, steep turns and all that jazz. All while maintaining or changing altitude.
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