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Default Please map the control for the "manual nosecone controls", please :)

Dear sir or madam:
I have been flying MiG-21 in this game for a while now and noticed that there are so many buttons in the aircraft cannot be found in the control manual and therefore we cannot map them on to our keyboard and devices like joystick and throttle control. Buttons like IFFs (there are a few IFF switches on the right side of the cockpit), even the "ARK mode antenna/compass" switch cannot be found in the control option. In particularly, there are 2 buttons are very import, they are used to manually control the nosecone in an emergency. However, I could not find them anywhere in the control option. The MiG-21 had been released for a long while now and it still feels like an "early access". Many operational procedures like the ECM pod were not taught to us in the flight manual. While those procedures can be introduced in the future, can you please let us map the nosecone manual control. Thanks in advance. Because during an emergency, it is a pain in the bottom to trying to click it with a mouse, especially if you have TrackIR. By the time you get it right, the plane would have already hit the surface. Thanks again

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For me, the more that I can map to my stick and throttle, the better I feel about things. As a TIR user, clicking switches with a mouse cursor is the most unnatural and time consuming process in the face of the earth.

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