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Originally Posted by OnlyforDCS View Post

I did have the labels turned on though, so Ill have to try it without labels. I fly mostly online, and I have to say that I have more problems with keeping visual on targets than I do actually flying the damn planes.
That's the one problem we all share.. don't worry
What might actually help with the spotting is setting AA to 2x and Anisotropic Filtering to 2x, I also set trees to minimum range.. Doesn't look too pretty but it's a fair compromise.
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Oh man, Im loath to lower Anisotropic Filtering so low, it makes the game really flat looking. All the shinyness goes, not sure how that will help me see better.

As for the AA and trees, will try that.
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So many replies not 1 mission
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Just curious. Your join date is 3 years ago. Have you been flying all this time?

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