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I have been trying the CAS engagement zone but have ran into a problem.

How can I respawn the CAS group on death and have them do the mission again - ad infinitum?

Any help would be much appreciated.

This is what I have now... I need to add the respawn to it:

CASEngagementZone2 = ZONE:New( "Red1" )

-- Create a local variable (in this case called CASPlane) and 
-- using the GROUP function find the aircraft group called "Plane" and assign to this variable
CASPlane2 = GROUP:FindByName( "Pontiac" )

-- Create a local Variable (in this cased called PatrolZone and 
-- using the ZONE function find the pre-defined zone called "Patrol Zone" and assign it to this variable
PatrolZone2 = ZONE:New( "RedStage" )

-- Create and object (in this case called AICasZone) and 
-- using the functions AI_CAS_ZONE assign the parameters that define this object 
-- (in this case PatrolZone, 500, 1000, 500, 600, CASEngagementZone) 
AICasZone = AI_CAS_ZONE:New( PatrolZone2, 4000, 5500, 800, 900, CASEngagementZone2 )

-- Tell the program to use the object (in this case called CASPlane) as the group to use in the CAS function
AICasZone:SetControllable( CASPlane2 )

-- Tell the group CASPlane to start the mission in 1 second. 
AICasZone:__Start( 600 ) -- They should statup, and start patrolling in the PatrolZone.

-- After 10 minutes, tell the group CASPlane to engage the targets located in the engagement zone called CASEngagement Zone. (600 is 600 seconds) 
AICasZone:__Engage( 900, 750, 3000 )
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