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Default Quick thanks

Just wanted to throw out there that the recent update to the Persian Gulf map is absolutely amazing.

Not just the addition of two airbases much deeper into Iran but the road network and towns expansion hugely increases the ability to create interesting missions on this map. The terrain is stunning and so varied, I really appreciate the work and consideration put into the PG map.

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Thanks from me as well. The map is beautiful, and somehow the performance is just mind-blowing!
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Rogue Trooper
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The Map, the sky, the ground.... the tunnels!

I love Iran, it is just an absolutely fabulous place to fly.
Spool up your chopper at the crack of dawn and fly to the mountain ranges for combat whilst the breaking light of day creates the most incredible red sky.
You must Kill the targets in the mountains before the temp gets too high and the chopper can no longer hover without engine temperature problems!

Just Incredible!

DCS is truly becoming superb, there is an fps cost but man is it worth it!

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Persian Gulf Map is fantastic!

Good Work!

Hope you will fill some emty places.
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yeah I agree, Iran part is the most beautiful, too bad not too much was invested/created/added in Iran, the desert part of Saudi Arabia is pretty boring.
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Bought after the free weekend deal . A great map . With the F18 and F14 coming out this will be agreat map .
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Rogue Trooper
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The best looking map in DCS hands down.
Iran looks just right.
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